My boyfriend and I watched a documentary on juicing. We really want to get healthy, But on the movie it said $14 a day each a day! and to me that is expensive. How much do you spend on vegetables a week for fast juicing. Also what are some Healthy Juice recipes, that doesn’t call for that many ingredients but still feels you up.

Also any advice for this first time juicer?
starting today! :)
sorry for the bad punctuation. Im in a hurry this morning

I really hate this fad. Juicing is not healthy. The occasional juice drink during the day is good but doing a juice diet is not. Juicing actually diminishes nutrients. The major thing you will lack is fiber and calories. Also you will lack certain minerals and vitamins that you get outside of fruits and veggies. You can’t really juice nuts, seeds, and beans. To be healthy you need a healthy balanced diet, which you can’t get from juice alone. Yes juicing is expensive. Just look at the prices at the grocery stores.